Fail-Safe Optimal Pre-Workout Nutrition

When is the optimal time to consume whey protein? What are the best pre-workout ingredients? What should I consume before I train? If you find yourself asking these questions or anything else in regard to the optimal nutrition or supplementation in the hours leading up to your workout...then you're in the right place!

Delicious Creamy Chocolate or
Vanilla Protein Ice-Cream!

Guess what? It's finally time for some delicious creamy protein ice cream! Not only is this recipe quick, all you need is 4 ingredients, a blender, and a spoon! Here's the recipes for both Chocolate and Vanilla. I'd tell you all about how good it is but... I have some ice cream to finish!

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Eric lost a whopping 22lbs of useless fat, gained lean muscle and so much more following the Lean Body Challenge. Find out more about the Lean Body Challenge and how  you can get involved below.

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