6 Ways To Make Your Grilled Chicken Awesome

Grilled chicken is a popular choice for those looking to make healthy dietary changes. Chicken is easy to find, not expensive, fits in with many diets and is easily prepared ahead of time. Check out our easy hacks to make that boring grilled chicken taste great!

Fix Your Weak Bench With These Simple Tips

How To Cheat Your Way To A Lean Physique.

"How much can you bench, bro?" Check out our article for the best tips to increase your bench press immediately.
Cheat meals and cheat days can serve a purpose if you're smart about how you approach them.

Hunter Labrada Bodybuilding Documentary Ep 10

This weeks workout is a little special In this session we see Hunter training one of his daily clients, plus training himself. We don't stop there, a visit with Keith Klein one of the top nutritionist in Houston and Lee Labrada's nutritionist examines Hunter's diet, and gives him some tips. PLUS ++ Hunter and Lee visit the American Fit Expo held here in Houston, Texas to meet the fans and local friends.

Lean Body Protein Bar Dirt Pudding

No, the 90's aren't back - but DIRT PUDDING is! And it's in the form of a quick, healthy, and absolutely  delicious dessert. Use our Lean Body Protein Bars and make yourself this fun mason jar pudding! Or make several, and share with your friends and family!

Lean Body Challenge Transformation Of The Week! 

I set out to challenge myself to stay disciplined and see the finish through, not to get in the "I'll do it tomorrow" thoughts I had been using against myself for years. I wanted to use the the Lean Body Challenge to not only get in better shape but to change my approach to my daily challenges in all aspects. The lean body challenge helped to show me that discipline can become a habit as anything else can become. The success I have experienced here is the platform for broader success in my daily activities.

Even though the challenge is complete this does not end for me. I am excited about how much more work there is to be done and I feel I can advocate and help others to get motivated and make their own changes!

Yours for a Lean Body,




Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO of Labrada Nutrition