May 27th 2017 | Issue #359

How To Fix Your
Weak Bench Press

"How much can you bench, bro?" Chances are you've been asked this question at some point in  the gym. However, are you happy with you bench press strength? If not, check out our article for the best tips to increase your bench press immediately.

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid
of Over-Training

The Secrets to Building Strength & Size - Fast!

What is over-training? Does it even exist?
In this article, you will learn all about the over-training phenomenon and whether you should be concerned about it (you just might be surprised).

Check out this article that divulges the keys to building strength and size, - FAST!

12 Week to Competition - Road to Europa 

Episode 7: Meal Prep, Shoulders & Tris

 Snack-Sized Parfait Made With A Protein Bar

I'm sure you've made parfait a million different ways. But we add to that list in a way like no other - with a protein bar! This recipe is so quick and easy, don't be surprised if it becomes your new daily go-to health snack. Use our Lean Body® Protein Bars to make this unique parfait!

Lean Body Challenge Transformation Of The Week! 

"In a contest this long, every contestant is bound to come across an obstacle, hurdle or landmine. I don't think you can go 12 weeks without a setback of some sort. I set attainable goals and reached them. I was extremely strict with my diet, I sacrificed countless social events and work functions that would have sabotaged my diet. Also during the Challenge, I had cataract surgery so I was out of the gym for 2 weeks. I also had a herniated disc that kept me in bed for the better part of 3 days and out of the gym for another week !! My results are basically the product of 9 weeks. My diet stayed on point which was key. I counted every calorie, every macro at every meal.

Yours for a Lean Body,



Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO of Labrada Nutrition