How to "Bulk" on a Budget.

Eating healthy has become a rather expensive investment in the past few years, especially when you want to build muscle. But, is all hope lost for those on a tight budget? Certainly not, if you're smart about how you grocery shop. Here's how to maximize your food budget while looking to build lean mass.

7 Ways To Stick To Your Fitness Goals.

The 10 Commandments to a Muscular Physique

If you've been hitting the gym strong at the beginning of the year, and refuse to be another mid-March dropout, here are some tips to stick to your fitness goals.
Tired of not seeing the results you wanted in the gym? Read on to learn all about the 10 commandments of weight training!

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Lean Body Challenge Transformation Of The Week! 

"Unfortunately, I have had a lot of fluctuation with my weight and appearance becuase I was born without a thyroid gland.  I have chosen to make my weakness my motivation. Fast-forward 12 weeks, I have never been this lean in my life. I will stay lean and never let this body go to waste. I want to be an example trainer, and motivator to help others be healthier." - Darrin Hatch

1 Minute Peanut Butter Protein Cookies.

Do you ever crave peanut butter? Have you ever had a craving for cookies? Why not combine both? This recipe can be made in 1 minute or less. Whip it up and enjoy in no time flat - without feeling any guilt whatsoever! These 1-minute Peanut Butter Cookies are a quick & delicious way to kill any craving you might have without the carbs.

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