March 11th 2017 | Issue #348

How To Create A Training Program That Works!

Instead of providing you with a cookie-cutter workout plan, we will detail a series of options and choices so you can formulate a workout based on your needs, available equipment, and training experience level. So read on...

Stop wasting time! Maximize your training progress with five key intensity methods, each designed to produce extreme gains. It's time to reevaluate your training and streamline for success.  
Unfortunately, as we age, testosterone levels naturally decline and this can hinder our ability to lose fat and build muscle. Find out how you can naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Lean Body Challenge Transformation Of The Week! 

I am a new person in so many ways, it is hard to put into words how amazing I feel today. I NEVER imagined this challenge would impact me as much as it has. I have confidence that I have never known, energy that I have never felt, opportunities that I have never imagined, and a future so exciting I can't wait for it to come. I can not thank Labrada Nutrition enough!!! They not only helped me with supplementation, but also gave me the motivation to make it through this journey.

Mr. Labrada serves as prime example that anything is possible when you set your mind on a goal. Thank you Labrada for giving me the opportunity not only to change my mind and body, but also to use this as a building block to create a healthy life going into the future! - Anthony

This Week's Featured Products 

Lean Body® Meal Replacement Shakes provide maximum support for  lean muscle while minimizing fat storage and making a perfectly balanced meal replacement.
With Lean Body® RTD's you don't have to sacrifice flavor OR health. Enjoy a tasty
40 grams of Protein - On the Go!

Low Carb Tuna Goodness!

Are you ready for a quick, low carb, and keto friendly recipe? If so, try this Keto Tuna Tabbouleh! Packed with healthy fats, only 6g of net carbs, and a ton of flavor. This recipe is a must if you're always on-the-go!

Need Those Delts to GROW ?

Then, check out this elite workout for total shoulder growth by IFBB Pro, Labrada athlete and team member, Chad Jackson.

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO of Labrada Nutrition