Jan 28th 2017 | Issue #342


Sadly, health/fitness subculture seems to give both cortisol and insulin a bad rap. Truth is, these two hormones are absolutely necessary for improving body composition. Insulin and cortisol are arguably the two most demonized hormones in health/fitness subculture; it's unfortunate that so few people actually understand how important they are for improving muscle growth and fat loss.

We all know that protein supplements significantly improve recovery and directly contribute to muscle growth. Now let's look at the best of the protein options and discuss where they'll best fit into your current training plan.
Find yourself in the predicament of consistently hitting the gym and eating healthy, but still not seeing the results you want? The factors that may be hindering your progress are not always clear. Check out this article to learn more.

This Weeks Featured Products 

 Made with natural ingredients,
Lean Body® Protein Bars, are the perfect on-the-go food for the busy person.
Lean Body® Meal Replacement Shakes in a packet provide a perfect alternative to whole foods when time is of the essence.

Quick Upper and Lower Six Pack Workout With Lee!

Lee runs through a favorite ab workout with IFBB pro and Labrada VP of Marketing Chad Jackson in the Labrada HQ gym in Houston. Check it out!

Simple Prep Series :  Chicken and Veggies.

We sometimes get feedback that you guys would like some very simple, basic recipes to follow and it's hard to beat some good old chicken breast tenders and grilled vegetables when it comes to fulfilling your protein and micronutrient needs. This simple recipe makes a great meal for those trying to shed fat, but can easily help pack on muscle with an additional carbohydrate dish on the side.

Doesn't Get Better Than These Abs!

Check out the mass with class, Lee Labrada's abs workout. Simple, and effective, apply maximum effort and don't rest for more than 60 seconds.

Happy New Year.

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Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO of Labrada Nutrition