Nov 12th 2016 | Issue #331


At one point or another, we all face those unexpected life events that force us to take time off from the gym for a while longer than we'd like. But, just how much of a concern this is, if any, to physique competitors and fitness enthusiasts alike? Check out this article for a look at the research behind maintaining your hard-earned muscle when training isn't an option.

We all want to know what the secrets are to building massive muscle mass. The reality is that for building massive muscle mass you need to follow the ten simple bodybuilding training secrets that I'm about to disclose inside... 
It can be  aggravating when you work your tail off in the gym and seemingly can't build any muscle. If you find yourself struggling to add quality lean mass to your physique, check out this article on the top 10 foods for building muscle. 

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4 Steps To The Perfect Tricep Cable Press Down.

If you want those arms to burst out of your sleeves , then focus on your triceps is vital as they make up 2/3rds of your upper arm size, with biceps making up the final 1/3rd.

Anybody for Cookies?

Craving cookies but can't fit them into your diet without the guilt!? Crave no longer! With less than 250 calories you REALLY can't beat these 2 minutes Microwave Pumpkin Cookies made with The Protein Chef Baking Protein Powder!

Scorch Fat in 20 Minutes A Day!

Why not exchange an hour on the treadmill and burn the same amount of fat in 20 minutes using this whole body TABATA style workout.  Give it your best shot and make sure to follow the times prescribed for maximum results.

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