October 15th 2016 | Issue #327

Frequent consumption of red meat is supposedly correlated with various negative health issues but the results from the studies are often inconsistent which weaken the conclusions. For a detailed look at the data , check out today's featured article. [Read More]
Testosterone deficiency and treatment is a very misunderstood and controversial topic among scientists, regulatory agencies (such as the FDA and EMA) and doctors, as well as the popular media. Find out more inside.....
There are some amazingly simple yet effective strategies we can all add to our nutritional goals and workout plans that will have a positive effect. Find out more inside.

The Good For You Protein Bar is In Stock!

Tired of the confection-style bars? Then, you'll love our new Lean Body Protein Bars. Delicious taste, yet high in protein, low in sugar, made with non-GMO natural and organic ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners...no artificial anything!

Microwave Strawberry Cobbler

With the return of fall comes the return of warmer desserts! The first dessert on our list? A healthier, high protein MICROWAVE cobbler! Yes, this is seriously a MICROWAVE strawberry cobbler recipe using our Baking Protein and it tastes just as good as it looks!!!

Want Boulder Shoulders?

Check out out one of the workouts that Team Labrada athlete Patrick Moore used to build his insane shoulders!  To increase the reps on every set, you'll need to reduce the weight each time, but you'll feel the burn and may need a new wardrobe if you follow this workout consistently.

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