March 19th 2016 | Issue #297

"What should I be doing post-workout?" The oversimplified answer: Consume the proper macronutrients and supplements to replenish the energy you used, repair the muscle tissue you broke down, and increase muscle protein synthesis.Let's dive into each of the three aforementioned things your post-workout supplementation and nutrition should be doing for you!


Why is it that so many people train their shoulders the wrong way? Do you limit your biceps, triceps or chest exercises by performing them within only HALF of the available range of motion? Probably not.  
Check out this week's featured article on correct shoulder exercise form.
Angles, planes of motion, and range of motion often take a backseat to more exciting variables, such as cadence, and weight used - but ignore them, and quite simply, you'll build less muscle. It's that simple. 

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Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition