....December 19th 2015 | Issue #284

Want to turn your shoulders into boulders? You should. Big, rounded shoulders look great and as an added bonus,  give the impression you have a smaller waist. Check out today's article for more information on building those delts.


Greg Zulak has been the editor of MuscleMag  for three years and a free-lance journalist for over 35 years. In that time, he's interviewed hundreds of bodybuilders and discovered 6 critical strategies everybody should follow for maximum muscle growth.
In this weeks featured article, Hugo Rivera discloses his top 10 personal strategies for surviving the Holiday's with minimum fat gain, if any. 

It's time to make breakfast a WHOLE lot better with this Lean Body Low Carb Breakfast Skillet recipe! Packed with protein, full of flavor, and GREAT for meal prep. After prepping this just once you're gonna want breakfast for lunch AND dinner!
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