....December 12th 2015 | Issue #283

In this weeks featured article, Hugo Rivera discloses his top 10 personal strategies for surviving the Holiday's with minimum fat gain, if any.


Greg Zulak has been the editor of MuscleMag  for three years and a free-lance journalist for over 35 years. In that time, he's interviewed hundreds of bodybuilders and discovered 6 critical strategies everybody should follow for maximum muscle growth.
The obvious benefits to carrying more muscle and less fat are well known. But, did you know there's numerous other health and longevity benefits to your health that make all the effort in the gym even more worthwhile.

Sometimes you need a recipe that is quick, easy, filling and nutritious. And you can pretty much never go wrong with TexMex when you're hungry. So, why not take a heart healthier spin on a TexMex favorite - the quesadilla?!
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