....December 5th 2015 | Issue #282

Greg Zulak has been the editor of MuscleMag  for three years and a free-lance journalist for over 35 years. In that time, he's interviewed hundreds of bodybuilders and discovered 6 critical strategies everybody should follow for maximum muscle growth.

Lets face it, everyone wants to have a 6 pack. It has become the definition of a fit individual. Check out today's featured article for 3 simple steps to achieving that elusive six pack!
The obvious benefits to carrying more muscle and less fat are well known. But, did you know there's numerous other health and longevity benefits to your health that make all the effort in the gym even more worthwhile.

Here's another quick and easy meal prep recipe to save you from having #StruggleChicken all week long! And as always, it's easy to tweak to compliment your diet and goals. Fair warning, this will likely become one of your new go-to recipes for preparing chicken!
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