....November 28th 2015 | Issue #281

The obvious benefits to carrying more muscle and less fat are well known.. But did you know there's numerous other health and longetivity benefits to your health that make all the effort in the gym even more worthwhile.

Lets face it, everyone wants to have a 6 pack. It has become the definition of a fit individual. Check out today's featured article for 3 simple steps to achieving that elusive six pack!
Most involved in the bodybuilding game have heard certain exercises can be designated for "definition" or for "muscle separation." All of these designations may be misguided... read on to find out more.

Craving cheesecake? Only have a few minutes? Don't have an oven? You're in luck! These No-Bake M&M Protein Cheesecakes, made using our 100% Whey LeanPro Protein Powder only take around a minute to prep and are packed with sweet-tooth killing flavor!
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