....November 21st 2015 | Issue #280

Lets face it, everyone wants to have a 6 pack. It has become the definition of a fit individual. Check out today's featured article for 3 simple steps to achieving that elusive six pack!

If you've fallen off the fitness train, check out today's' featured article and you'll find a full 6 week training program, fat burning diet and lots of useful tips on how to get back into the gym and stay motivated.
Most involved in the bodybuilding game have heard certain exercises can be designated for "definition" or for "muscle separation." All of these designations may be misguided... read on to find out more.

Only thing better than one of your favorite Chinese foods, is when it's prepared in a heart healthier way so you can enjoy it more often. While this version is lower in fat, it definitely does not compromise on flavor! 
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