....October 24th 2015 | Issue #277

Most involved in the bodybuilding game have heard certain exercises can be designated for "definition" or for "muscle separation." All of these designations may be misguided... read on to find out more.

Looking for the ultimate routine to pack inches on your triceps and biceps, then you're in luck. Check out Lee's tried and tested routine. 
If you're calves just won't grow, you need to to pay close attention to today's featured article. What exactly is optimal, high reps or low reps? You'll most likely be surprised at the science of growing your calves into cows!

Looking for a meal to prep for the week? Do you miss chicken fingers but can't afford the carbs? Or do you just need a quick recipe that's PACKED with protein, low in carbs, and absolutely delicious? Try our Lean Body Low Carb Chicken Fingers! 
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