....October 10th 2015 | Issue #275

How many of you are still focused on the New Year's goals you set for yourselves in 2015? Are you still excited about making those incremental improvements to reach personal and business goals - and even surpass them? If not, check out this weeks featured article for tips on how to stay committed to a goal.

Looking for the ultimate routine to pack inches on your triceps and biceps, then you're in luck. Check Out Lee's tried and tested routine. 
If you're lacking hamstring development then check out this weeks featured article. Greg Zulak delves into great detail on how to build set of hams. 

Every now and then I have a craving for chili. Even though it is hot here in Texas, I can still go for a bowl of chili. And with football season finally here, I figured I'd start sharing some of my favorite tailgating recipes so that your party can be just as - or even more - exciting than the game itself!
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