....October 3rd 2015 | Issue #274

Looking for the ultimate routine to pack inches on your triceps and biceps, then you're in luck. Check Out Lee's tried and tested routine. Cmplete with the exact sets, reps and full workout you need to be bursting out the sleeves of your shirt.

Don't let minutia create paralysis by analysis. Find out how to maximize your training while minimizing the complexity.
If you're lacking hamstring development then check out this weeks featured article. Greg Zulak delves into great detail on how to build set of hams. 

Nothing can curb sweet cravings like a chunky, moist black bean brownie. And to make it even better, what if we could make the brownie flourless from an amazing super food, black beans? I'd call that a win...and I'm sure after trying this recipe, you will call it the same. Heart healthy brownies coming right up!
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