....August 15th 2015 | Issue #267

"If you can't measure your progress, you can't stay motivated." Check out today's featured article on why tracking your progress is the key to success.

The Optimal Training System

Good SnC coaches - of which there are many - have known for decades that linear non- periodized strength training programs are a terrible way to make progress in strength and or muscle mass over time. Find out the optimal method inside.
Don't Lose Your Gainz!

If you're constantly on the move, eating clean can be a challenge. In today's featured article, Hugo Rivera shares his tips, tricks, and strategies for staying in shape while you are
on the road. 

Here's a quick and easy chicken meal prep recipe to prepare in bulk for the entire week. And best thing is, you can throw this together with items and seasonings you likely already have in your pantry.
So, give the packaged seasonings a rest this week and make your own delicious marinade.
You'll surprise yourself!

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