....July 25th 2015 | Issue #264

Good SnC coaches - of which there are many - have known for decades that linear non- periodized strength training programs are a terrible way to make progress in strength and or muscle mass over time. Find out the optimal method inside.

Time to Supercharge those Gainz!

I think we can universally agree that everyone wants a tight, nice set of abs and a slim, muscular waistline, whether they admit it or not. Want to find out how, then read today's feature article by Greg Zulak.
Gain More from LESS Work.

The Paretto Principle simply states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. In other words, the majority of the benefits from any kind of endeavor come from 20% of the most critical core activities. This is a concept that is applicable to our training. Find out how inside.

$3 Italian Meatballs In Butternut Squash 

This recipe is all kinds of amazing. It's easy, delicious and budget friendly! For 5 days' worth, it costs about $15, including the ingredients for the butternut squash marinara, so it averages about $3 per meal. Total win for your diet and your budget! Oh yeah, it's pure muscle food as well.
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