....July 5th 2015 | Issue #261

One pervasive dieting mantra is that a cumulative reduction of caloric intake of 3,500 will result in a weight loss of 1 pound. But, is it true? Monica Mollica explains why the data may not stack up.

Time to Supercharge those Gainz!

If you want to maximize muscle mass gains and avoid the dreaded training plateaus (periods of no progress) then you need to periodize.
Should You Go Gluten Free?

Gluten is the protein found in most grain based products. Specifically, those from wheat, European spelt, barley, and rye. Are you REALLY gluten intolerant & should you avoid it.

BBQ Grilled Mac & Cheese

If you're looking for the next epic side dish for your upcoming barbecue or picnic, then here you go! Guarantee everyone will want more and you'll be the boss of the party.
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