....11th April 2015 | Issue #249

NPC Bodybuilder and current 2013 Mr Ohio, Marc Synder crushes 4 pervasive bodybuilding myths. Don't make these same 4 mistakes.

Working Out With Bad Knees

Having problems with your knees, doesn't need to prevent you from exercising. Knee injuries can be worked around so you can still enjoy a great workout. Find out more in this week's feature article.

Optimal Nutrition For Gaining Mass

If you're looking to add lean muscle mass to your body, take a closer look at your nutrition. Many people fail because they only focus on what they do in the gym, not in the kitchen. Check out these 4 muscle building tips to ensure you don't make the same mistakes.

Muscle Building Foods!
Are Carbs required for building muscle mass effectively? 
Which Cardio For Maximum Fat Loss?
Lee explains how to optimize your cardio training for fat loss.

Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Whether you're making sauce for chicken or want to eat enchiladas, making your own sauce will help save you money, reduce the amount of processed food in your diet and support your overall fitness goals.
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