....28th March 2015 | Issue #246

If you are looking to add lean muscle mass to your body, take a closer look at your nutrition.  Many people fail because they only concentrate in the gym and not
in the kitchen. For this reason, you'll love these
4 Foundation-Building Nutrition tips!

How Did Mike Do It?

While losing OVER 170 pounds and dropping from a 60inch waist to a skinny 38, Mr. Michael Mistretta took back control of his life, and we wanted to help him share his story.

Want More Muscle ?

Like all routines, if you for too long the body adapts and then progress comes to a screeching halt. Today, I want to discuss another popular method for breaking plateaus called the 5 Sets of 5 Reps Method.

Optimal Pre & Post Workout Nutrition 
What's superior carbs and protein, protein only, carbs only? 
Can't Gain New Muscle Without Fat?
Lee explains how to optimize lean mass gains without the unwanted fat.

High Energy Vegan Breakfast Quinoa

If you're looking to switch up your staple breakfast meal of oatmeal and eggs, then try this vegan breakfast quinoa bowl. Great way to get rid of leftover quinoa and it's packed with natural sugars, complex carbs and healthy fats

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Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition