....14th March 2015 | Issue #244

Like all routines, if used for too long the body adapts and then progress comes to a screeching halt. Today, I want to discuss another popular method for breaking plateaus called the 5 Sets of 5 Reps Method. 

Time For An Attitude Adjustment?

Your attitude will determine how successful you are in every aspect of your life. Discover how you can develop a winners attitude by consistently telling yourself the right things.

Need A New Set of Wheels?

For the next two weeks, it's time to focus on your lower body. Follow this 4 part leg specialization program to the letter and  watch those spindly tent-poles grow into a monster set of wheels.

Lee Shares The Lowdown on Rice!
It's often said brown rice is superior to white rice. Check out this weeks video to find out if that statement holds water.
Confused Over What and When To Eat?
Lee explains how to eat optimally for mass gains in without gaining unwanted fat.

Easy Citrus Chicken Stir Fry!

Why purchase ready-made frozen stir-fry from your local grocery store, when you can just make your own?

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