....7th March 2015 | Issue #244

Your attitude will determine how successful you are in every aspect of your life. Discover how you can develop a winners attitude by consistently telling yourself the right things.

A Message from Lee Labrada...

Do You Know What You really, Really, REALLY
want from life? 
Most people don't. 
And even if they did know what they wanted, chances are they wouldn't know how to get it. 
Well, I don't want you to live another day that way. That's why I am recommending you read a new book by my friend Dr. Alan Zimmerman called The Payoff Principle: Discover The 3 Secrets For Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work.  
You will learn the 3 secrets for incredible happiness and awesome success on and off the job. You will discover exactly what it takes to live a life filled with purpose and passion, and the simple but powerful process for achieving
every personal and professional goal you've ever had. Read The Payoff Principle to learn how to put this formula to work for you ... so you get want you really want in your professional and personal life. 

No More Awful "Selfies"..

It's true the mirror never lies. But taking account of your progress, using only a mirror, won't show you the ongoing progress you've made.  Taking photos as you progress through a program -  for comparison will help you focus on weak points and provide a mental boost when needed.

Need A New Set of Wheels?

For the next two weeks, it's time to focus on your lower body. Follow this 4 part leg specialization program to the letter and  watch those spindly tent-poles grow into a monster set of wheels.

Lee Shares The Lowdown on Rice!
It's often said brown rice is superior to white rice. Check out this weeks video to find out if that statement holds water.
Confused Over What and When To Eat?
Lee explains how to eat optimally for mass gains in without gaining unwanted fat.

Sriracha Chicken & Veggie Gyro

Hi-Protein, healthy and tasty - check it out.

Hi P

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Until next time,   
Stay healthy and strong. 

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition