....28th Feb 2015 | Issue #243
Like your physical heart, your other heart, or your spirit, is always there. It's part of you and it's always ready to take care of you. You just need to nurture it with positive thoughts and feelings. 

No More Awful "Selfies"..

It's true the mirror never lies. But taking account of your progress, using only a mirror, won't show you the ongoing progress you've made.  Taking photos as you progress through a program -  for comparison will help you focus on weak points and provide a mental boost when needed.

Need A New Set of Wheels?

For the next two weeks, it's time to focus on your lower body. Follow this 4 part leg specialization program to the letter and  watch those spindly tent-poles grow into a monster set of wheels.

Fully Loaded Hi-Protein Califlower Mash
Here's a low-carb spin on a "fully loaded baked potato." And it's easy to customize to fit a carnivorous or vegetarian diet. Guarantee you won't be able to eat just one serving!!


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Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition