31st Jan 2015 | Issue #239

Going Crazy Trying To Get Lean?


It's a new year and time to eliminate last year's poor eating habits, but where do you start? The sheer volume of "quick-fix", weight loss marketing turns finding the truth into a minefield. In today's featured article Lee shares the right way to get lean without losing your mind following unhealthy fad diets.

Need More Determination?

We've come to believe that most of our health and beauty problems can be solved in 30 to 60 seconds. In today's featured article Dr. Alan Zimmerman sheds some light on the truth about success and determination.

Are You Being Cheated?

There have been rumors, and some confirmed cases, in the sports nutrition industry of a practice by certain marketers of providing lower quality products than their labels states.  

Beer Post Workout? 
Lee shares his thoughts on beer and alcohol in general after a workout and gives some tips on how to maximize the post-workout window via optimal nutrition.
Confused Over What, How and When To Eat
For New Muscle Mass without the Fat?
Lee explains how to eat optimally for mass gains in detail.

Sriracha Yogurt Dressing & Sandwich Spread.
Spice up your next salad or sandwich with this homemade sriracha dressing. Perfect to add to your sandwich to give it some heat, texture and of course, awesome flavor! Gyro anyone?


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