17th Jan 2015 | Issue #237

Are YOU Being Cheated?

There have been rumors, and some confirmed cases, in the sports nutrition industry of a practice by certain marketers of providing lower quality products than their labels states.  In today's featured article Dr.Dan Gwartney explains more about this situation and what to look out for.

Improving Weak Body Parts!
Veteran competitive Bodybuilder, Doug Brignole shares his 38 years of  experience highlighting key strategies for improving weak body parts 
What's a Healthy Body Fat Level? 
How lean can you be without compromising your health? Are super low levels of body fat seen on bodybuilders during competitions and photo shoots sustainable long term? 

How Often & How Many Sets Should You Do For Abdominals (Six Pack)
Lee reveals the optimal schedule for training abs and how many sets and reps to perform. 
Weighing Food can be a Nuisance!
Lee shares some simple , yet effective tricks to ensuring you're eating the right amount of protein, carbs and fats WITHOUT getting out the scales.

Budget Meals - Avacado Egg Salad!
If you're running low on cash but need to keep your protein high, these make an excellent high protein quick and cheap meal.


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