20th December 2014 | Issue #233
Food Prepping - The Key to Your Success!
Food preparation is a critical component in the fight to stay on track with your Lean Body nutrition plan. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. By cooking and storing your food a head of time, you're less likely to eat unhealthy alternatives when you're up against the clock and life gets crazy. Learn how to stay on top...

Need a Step by Step Meal Plan ?
Then check out Daniel Gwartney, M.D's detailed meal and supplement plan here.
Enjoy The Holidays - But Be Smart!
We should all enjoy the holidays but don't over indulge to the point you regret it in the New Year. 

How Often & How Many Sets Should You Do For Abdominals (Six Pack)
Lee reveals the optimal schedule for training abs and how many sets and reps to perform.
Staying Lean While Gaining Mass!
Lee explains which macro-nutrient is optimal for mass gains without additional fat gain.

Tomato Sauce Alternative For Pizza Topping?
Fancy a new healthier option to tomato sauce for your pizza topping then check out this amazing tasting sauce.


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Lee Labrada,

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