27th September 2014 | Issue #221

Little & Often the Path to Massive Calves!
Try hitting your calves 3x a week using these short but brutal calf workouts.

Protein Myths Exposed!
Will Brink breaks down the myths and fallacies about protein,  such as " do you need extra protein?" 
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!
Struggling to break past a plateau ? It's time for TORQ!

Is Fruit Juice Good For You?
Fruit Juice, is it really a healthy drink?
What's The Best Time To Train?
Lee explains the best time to train for maximum results.

Sweet Potatoe & Quinoa Patties.
Choosing the right source of complex carbs can be a dieters nightmare, look no further and carb it up with flavorful sweet potato & quinoa Patties.

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Lee Labrada,

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