20th September 2014 | Issue #220

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants!
The path to success can come from looking to successful individuals from days gone by.

Protein Myths Exposed!
Will Brink breaks down the myths and fallacies about protein,  such as " do you need extra protein?" 
Strategies For Optimal Hypertrophy!
Struggling to break past a plateau ? It's time for TORQ!

The Best Exercises for a Six Pack!
Lee shares his techniques for developing a deep six pack and rock hard abs!
What's The Best Time To Train?
Lee explains the best time to train for maximum results.

Muscle Beach Venice Hall of Fame Coverage.
Congratulations to Lee for his induction into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame! Check out video coverage and awesome photos by Mike Hall.

Grilled Chicken With Cherry BBQ Sauce
Chicken breast, veggies, new potatoes, all wrapped up in an amazing tasting cherry BBQ sauce. You've got to try this .

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Stay healthy and strong. 

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Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition