9th August 2014 | Issue #214
Need More Muscle Back There?
Check out today's featured article, complete with full workouts designed to get you thick and wide!

What's the Facts ?
Power through at all costs ? Or know when to give the iron a miss ? Answers inside..
300% More Muscle Stimulation!
Maximize your workouts with optimal muscle stimulation techniques.

Train Early in the Morning?
What's the best type of food to eat prior to training in the morning.
How Much Fat In Processed Food.
How to calculate how much hidden fat is found in processed / packaged food.

Hi-Protein Zucchini Lasagne in Jars!
Struggle with portion control? Then todays recipe is perfect. Tastes great and you can't overeat , jars control the portions.

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Stay healthy and strong. 

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Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition