Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #87

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It sounds logical, skip meals, restrict calories and you'll lose more weight. Unfortunately, past a certain point, the approach is both flawed and counter productive.

Whether you look lean or not, isn't a priority for your body. It's primary function is to keep you in good health and it's incredibly adept at maintaining homoeostasis to do so.

In other words, if you suddenly restrict calories, your body will use all the tools at it's disposal to correct the energy balance.

Severe Caloric Restriction is Counter Productive.

In the face of severe caloric restriction, it achieves this, by holding on to your body fat as an energy source.

To make things worse, your body conserves energy by slowing your metabolism, decreasing the amount of daily calories it needs. 

This eventually creates a scenario whereby you'll be able to eat even less calories without gaining weight. 

The solution? Create a small caloric deficit to the tune of 300-500 calories a day and spread those calories over multiple small meals per day (4-6 as opposed to 1-2).

This week, Team Labrada athlete and fitness model Lauren Christine Frahn covers the topic in detail ... 

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