Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #163 | Nov 16th 2013

Lee Labrada

A plateau, put simply, is when your workout no longer delivers results. For individuals involved in bodybuilding, their inability to gain additional muscle mass and strength is evidence that they've hit a plateau.

Contrary to popular belief, plateaus ARE avoidable.
In today's featured article, I'm going to share a number of strategies that explain how to break through a plateau by making modifications to the quality and quantity of your training.
In today's featured article....You'll discover: 
  • The Number One Most Common cause of a Plateau & How to Avoid it.
  • 5 Strategies for Breaking Through a Training Plateau!
  • How to Increase Intensity within Your Workouts Without Training Longer.

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It's fair to say traditional parfait's are more commonly associated with spring and summer time. However, with a touch of FitMenCook magic this delicious chilled desert has been modified into a delicious warming high-protein alternative.

The word parfait, is French for perfect and today's feature recipe is exactly that. Especially if you've been searching for that rarest of recipes - a high-protein muscle building dessert.

Give my Warm Berry LeanBody Parfait a try, you'll likely find you'll never go back to eating traditional cold parfaits again!

 Feel The Power of Science With Glycocarn


What is Glyocarn ?
GlycoCarn is the next generation in pre-workout, pump and energy products. Most pre-workout sports supplements provide arginine as one of their main ingredients.  But research shows that arginine of itself is NOT an effective way to increase nitric oxide and the corresponding vasodilation that gives the user a great "pump!"
Glyocarn is a patented nitric oxide synthesizing agent that is far more effective in elevating blood nitric oxide levels during exercise than arginine. In fact, the rate limiting factor in the production of nitric oxide is not arginine, but an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase. Think of GlycoCarn® as a powerful catalyst that converts arginine in your body into nitric oxide, enabling you to get a great pump from your training.
Scientific research has shown that an increase in nitric oxide, like that produced from GlycoCarn, has the added benefit of antioxidant properties. Also as an added benefit, it helps expel metabolic waste build up, such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide. These antioxidant benefits help decrease fatigue, improve muscle efficiency, and increase stamina, endurance and recovery. 

How do I take Glyocarn?

Take GlycoCarn® prior to your workouts for a pump you won't soon forget. Stack GlycoCarn® with a pre-workout supplement such as Labrada's Super Charge Xtreme 4.0 for even better results. 
What Do Customers Think of Glycocarn?

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Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition