Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #148 September 21st 2013
Burn Fat & Turbo-Charge Your Fitness Levels with Stair Climbing.
Stair Climbing For Fat Loss & Fitness
If you're looking for a new exercise to add a little variety to your conditioning and fat loss routine, then look no further - we have you covered.

Did You Know That ..
  • Climbing just two flights of stairs a year can remove up to 12 pounds of fat?  
  • Stair climbing is less abusive on your joints than running and other similar exercises.
  • A recent study showed stair climbing burned 23% more calories than running, 250% more than swimming and 63% more than cycling?  
  • That stair climbing improves your balance and works supporting muscles more than any of the above exercises.

In today's featured article, coach, columnist and author Dr. David Ryan extols the virtues of an optimally designed stair climbing program.

Dr. Ryan shares the exact routine he trains Mixed Martial Artists with - and shows you how to integrate numerous other exercises into your stair climbing routine to create a whole body routine you can do anytime, anywhere - without any equipment.

Sesame Tahini Shrimp & Raw Zucchini Linguine Pasta Salad
Sesame Tahini Shrimp &
Raw Zucchini Linguine Pasta Salad
By Kevin Alexander | Fimencook
Today's flavorsome offering uses Shrimp as the primary protein source with a blend of peppers and zucchini for taste, color and carbohydrate content.
Shrimp are very low in calories which makes this a great choice if you're the type of person who's always hungry when in a caloric deficit. 
You can consume twenty normal sized shrimp for just 200 calories. In other words, it's darn hard to get fat on SHRIMP!

Shrimp isn't just a great protein source. It also has a an usually high concentration of the anti-inflammatory nutrient astaxanthin.
It's also packed with the anti-oxidant mineral selenium. 
Aside from all the aforementioned health benefits, it tastes great and is a convenient way to eat plenty of vegetables whilst also getting in a solid dose of protein and healthy fats.
Nutritional Information  
  • Calories (Per Serving): 470 
  • Protein: 48g
  • Carbohydrates:28
  • Fat: 19g

    Note: you can reduce the sesame seed oil if you wish which reduces fat by 7 grams. 

Click Here For the Full Recipe and Full Cooking Instructions

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by Lee Labrada

Today's ask Lee question comes from Lindsay B, UK.

Lee, I've been working out for about two years now, and I still can't seem to feel bench presses in my chest. I'm getting really frustrated. Can you help?

 If you're having trouble "feeling" your chest muscles work when you do bench presses, try keeping your ribcage expanded throughout the exercise.  This should not be mistaken for the exaggerated arch that some beginners are so fond of using when doing their bench presses.  I'm sure you've seen the bench press performed in this incorrect manner, where the lifter pushes up with his legs and his butt comes off the bench. Bad move!

The right way to "bench" is to keep your shoulders firmly locked into the bench; also keep your butt on the bench, but cheat your butt towards your shoulders so that there is an arch formed in your back.  Your training partner should be able to slip his hand between your back and the bench. Keep your form throughout the exercise. This form forces your sternum (breast bone) up, and places your rib cage into a position that helps it stay expanded.

By keeping the ribcage expanded during this exercise, you then put the pectoral muscles in a position where they can better and more fully contract. Keep in mind that the function of the pectorals is to move the upper arm across the chest. It's hard to do this if your chest is not arched up. 

Here's another tip: Don't "lockout" on each rep; instead opt for a slow, pumping motion that keeps tension on the pectorals constant. Perform 8 to 10 repetitions on each set. It also helps to keep your rest to a minimum, preferably just long enough to catch your breath, or let your partner perform his or her set.

After your workout, be sure to consume 30-40 grams of a high quality whey protein isolate shake such as Labrada Iso-Lean Pro, along 50 to 100g of carbohydrates. This will help you jumpstart recovery.

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition

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