Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #122 | June 15th 2013

By Lee Labrada  
Want Abs? - Get Your Fish Oil   

You probably already know about the remarkable health benefits of fish oil,  but did you know that Fish Oils Make You Leaner?   There's powerful new science to prove it.  

I've been using fish oil religiously for the last 10 years, and it's been a huge factor in my ability to stay hard and muscular year-round. It's crystal clear from all the scientific studies - the benefits of fish oil are off the hook! 

Fish oils reduce the risk of blood clots, coronary heart disease and carotid artery disease. They decrease inflammation in the body, decrease the risk of cancer, and even promote muscle growth.

Today's guest author, fitness and nutrition expert, Chuck Dertinger, M.Sc., shares the most recent data on how high quality fish oil supplements will help you get leaner and healthier.


Strawberry & Honey Topped Spinach Pancakes!   
Spinach Protein Pancakes

Yes!  It does taste as good as it looks and don't worry if you're a spinach-phobe. 

The full-flavored combination of almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla protein, means you get all the health benefits of this powerful super-food with barely a taste of Popeye's favorite vegetable.

What could be better than enjoying guilt-free protein-packed pancakes, while consuming a healthy dose of greens and fiber at the same time.

Each serving packs a macro-nutrient friendly, 268 calories, 36 grams of carbs, 30 grams of protein and just 3 grams of fat.

Click Here for the Recipe & Cooking Instructions ...... 

  Our all-new EFA's product, Lean Body Lean Lipid, is perfect for anybody who wants to support lean muscle growth, improve brain function, heart-health and overall well-being. 

But, what if you could get even MORE from your fish oil supplement? Not only could you get all of the above, but also get extra help in burning unwanted body fat, resulting in a leaner body? Most people understand the health benefits traditionally associated with the use of a fish oil supplement.

You might be thinking, "How is an essential fatty acids supplement supposed to do what a fat burner or muscle toning product does?" 

Think of Lean Body Lean Lipids as a "supercharged" fish oil supplement. 

Along with the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, Lean Body Lean Lipids also includes GLA and oleuropein, an olive leaf extract. These added ingredients give Lean Body Lean Lipids an edge  that other essential fatty acids supplements just can't match.    


Let's look at these ingredients more closely.

We'll start with the special fish oil blend use in Lean Body Lean Lipids.

Unlike other fish oil supplements containing low doses of EPA, Lean Body Lean Lipids contains

2 times more EPA than DHA - and studies show that fish oil supplements with this 2:1 ratio promote more fat loss. 

Then we add in GLA, an Omega-6 essential fatty acid that studies show stimulates fat burning. But, GLA doesn't just help increase fat loss. It actually works double-duty by also helping to reduce body-fat accumulation.

And finally, we add Oleuropein, an olive leaf extract that enhances fat burning and increases energy. 

You'll get the scientifically proven amounts of each ingredient. Every ingredient is listed on the label with their corresponding amounts. Unlike some companies, nothing is hidden in a so called "proprietary blend".  
Available in easy to swallow capsules, you get a combination of healthy, powerful essential fatty acids that you won't find in any other formula. 

Add Lean Body Lean Lipids to your nutrition program today and not only will you enjoy improved health, you'll also have added support to help you burn off unwanted body fat!

Want to find out why Lean Body Lean Lipids is the best essential fatty acid  product on the market? Find Out More Below.

By Lee Labrada

Today's "Ask Lee", comes from Edgar M, Puerto Rico.

Hi. Are there  any Labrada Meal Replacement Drinks that are 100% lactose free? 


I am enquiring for a lady in her mid 30's. She has health issues and would like to help her. 

Thank you, 


 Hello Edgar, our Lean Body Ready to Drink shakes , ProV60 and our brand new 100% Whey Isolate ISO LeanPro are 100% lactose free.  

Each have their own benefits. 

The Lean Body RTD's are incredibly convenient, just open and drink  - fantastic if your friend is a busy lady or travels a lot.

ProV60 doesn't offer the convenience of the Ready-to-Drink products but it's extremely cost effective and tastes great.  A single scoop contains 30 grams of slow-release protein so it's ideal for all times of the day and a perfect serving size for females.  It also blends well with extra goodies like frozen berries and bananas. 

ISO LeanPro is perfect for those watching their waistline or on a low carb diet.  One scoop contains 25 grams of the highest quality Whey Isolate, with just 110 calories, 1 gram of fat and zero carbs. It's also lactose-free, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Hope this helps you choose a protein for your friend Edgar, thank you for writing in and please let us know if we can help you further.  

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.