Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #121 | June 11th 2013

By Lee Labrada  
Johnathan Lawson

Want to learn how to do a rare shoulder exercise that can quickly ignite new muscle growth in your deltoids?  

Wide, thick shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist will create a stunning impact on your physique.

If you find your shoulders are lacking width, then it's all down to how you're training the side lateral head of the deltoid.

99% of trainees opt for the standard side lateral raise, however there's an  optimal, but rarely known alternative  which increases the tension and hits the side lateral head more efficiently.

Guest author, fitness expert and bodybuilder, Johnathan Lawson, shares the perfect exercise for the side laterals and reveals exactly how to perform this "insider" training technique


By Lee Labrada.
"LeanBody" Yams

"LeanBody" Yams are the the special on our menu today. As you would expect, our recipe goes to great lengths to reduce calories and maximize the flavor. I should note, all credit for today's recipe, goes to my beautiful wife, Robin.

Plain old Yams may not be everybody's favourite, but with the secret ingredients we're sharing, these will tickle your taste-buds without expanding your waistline. 

Even better, this recipe is quick and easy to prepare with just 4 simple ingredients. 

Click Here For The Recipe & Cooking Instructions ...... 

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By Lee Labrada

Today's "Ask Lee", comes from Janet H, Janet asks:

Hello Mr Labrada, I wonder if you have any tips for eating healthy when working in a busy office ?

I am often sat behind a desk in a small room shared with two other colleagues for up to 10-11 hours a day.  I always end up snacking from the vending machine as I'm so hungry.   I seem to be gaining on average a pound a month since I started.

Thank you, I read a lot of your website articles and find them very helpful, I hope you can offer  some advice .


Hello Janet, your situation is extremely common, the good news is, it's entirely solvable. If you can stick to the tips I'll provide today,  not only can you stay healthy, you'll lose that weight you've gained as well.  

As you mentioned the vending machine, let's start with how you can resist its temptations. Yes, it's super convenient , however, you'll struggle to find a single thing in it worth eating and many a "office" diet has been ruined by these machines.

Combined with the never-ending office temptations of birthday cakes, donuts, and other pastries that make the rounds,  it's not surprising, the vast majority of office workers gain weight every year they stay in the job.

So the question is, how do we implement a healthy, nutritious, protein rich diet while stuck in an air conditioned office 11 hours a day?  Well let's break it down...

Take Your Own Food Into Work With You.

The easiest way to avoid the temptation of poor food choices, is take your own food into work every single day. Here's some ideas :- 

Remember you can mix and match any of the above. 
So perhaps on Monday you bring in a chicken breast sandwich, a protein bar and a shake. On Tuesday, 2 protein bars, and one meal in Tupperware, and so forth. Do what works for you, nothing is cast in stone, the most effective diet is one you can stick to. Just get your meals from one of the above sources, every 4 hours or so. You'll feel satiated, have zero vending machine temptations and your body and mind will thank you for it very soon. 

Eat Multiple Small Meals a Day.

One of the biggest reasons for binge eating is waiting to long to eat between meals. Not eating for 6 hours ensures your blood sugar levels drop through the floor, making you ravenously hungry.  This is exactly when people turn to large quantities of  high sugar / high calorie foods to satisfy the cravings.

If you eat a few small meals throughout the day, you simply won't get hungry and you won't over-eat, it's that simple.

For this reason I suggest eating about once every 3 hours. This need not be a chore to achieve at all.  

A Lean Body Gold bar, makes a great meal. It tastes great,  provides 25 grams of protein, is low in sugar and will keep you satiated for hours whilst taking zero time to prepare. 

Other similar solutions include Lean Body Ready To Drink shakes, perfectly designed for taste, convenience and nutrition when cooking isn't viable.

What about a sandwich on wholemeal brown bread, with salad and chicken or tuna. You can  get 25-30 grams of protein in a sandwich and still make it very tasty.  Just prepare it at home and take it in with you.

Prepare Food In Bulk at Home.

Make 5 meals in one go .Put them in the freezer, and take one out each day to take to work. Once you become adept at cooking in bulk, you can prepare 5 meals and put them in Tupperware in pretty much the same time you prepare one meal. 

Whipping up 5 chicken breasts, some vegetables and rice is incredibly easy to do. You can flavor your chicken with spices and herbs, you can create a colouful vegetable collection with peppers and other flavorsome foods. As long as you incorporate the calories into your overall daily totals, you can also add some flavor using  low calorie condiments.

Use The Office Appliances Or Find Your Own Solution.

Ideally your office will have a microwave and a fridge to store your  meals in, but if it doesn't , don't worry about it. Buy a decent cooler with cold packs and just put it under your desk. Or,  here's a little trick, take the frozen meal out of the fridge that morning and just take it into work frozen.  It will defrost in the microwave, no big deal.

Drink Water - Lots of It!

Drink water! It will keep you feeling satiated. Most people are dehydrated all day and don't even realize. Just because you don't feel thirsty, doesn't mean you don't need water. That's a common misconception, so keep drinking - all day. You'll notice an almost immediate improvement in your mood, your health and your ability to focus. Dehydration, even mild, causes us to operate at a fraction of our real abilities in almost every area you can think of.

How to deal with "Joe" or "Mary" from accounts..

It's almost inevitable, that "Joe" from accounts will have a gem of wisdom to impart as to why eating "chicken and rice" means you're getting too much protein or why a protein bar is "weird",  etc.

People who aren't prepared to make an effort with their diet are usually either (a) badly educated on the topic of nutrition or (b) feel guilty they can't get the will power together themselves, so they brow beat you to pull you down to their level. 

Don't let either (a) or (b) or a combination of both, dictate how you live YOUR life. You're in control of you, not your office colleagues. Do what you need to do, not what Joe from accounts says is best -  whilst polishing off his fourth piece of cake!

Be polite, but firm. Simply let Joe know, you don't like the food from the vending machines or the canteen and you prefer the foods you bring in yourself. Once you've dealt with it publicly and in an upfront manner, it's rare that anybody will ever bring up the same topic again. 

Resisting the Cake Trolley.

Just say "No thanks, I'm not that hungry". It's not that hard to do ... focus on how great you'll look as opposed to how "good" that food will taste. If you've been eating your small protein-rich meals throughout the day, whether that be solid meals from your Tupperware or drinks or bars, you won't have the craving for them anyway.

So that's it really,  in a nutshell, be prepared and get organized. 

I hope you're able to follow the advice.  If you're in doubt as to  how much to eat, I suggest you check out our "What's Your Goal?" section of our website for more information.

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.