Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #120 | June 8th 2013

By Lee Labrada  
Paul Burke M. Ed., Phd
If you prefer the convenience of a home gym, you've no doubt faced the same problem millions of home workout enthusiasts have - a lack of exercise variety.
If you find your exercise selection restrictive and you're not able to optimally tax each muscle group then today's Lean Body Coaching newsletter will be right up your street.

Guest author, fitness expert and bodybuilder, Paul Burke, reveals unique exercise bio-mechanical tips for enhancing the effectiveness of numerous exercises.

In addition, Paul explains how to tweak numerous parameters, such as optimal rep ranges, load variety , tempo, workout structure and more.


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By Lee Labrada

Today's "Ask Lee", comes from Steven W. Scotland UK.

Hi, I'm really struggling with wide grip pull ups.  Any tips or advice on how I can strengthen my lats and improve on this exercise. 

Thanks, and I look forward to your reply.


Hi Steven, you're certainly not alone. Unassisted, wide grip pull-ups are difficult to master and surprisingly few gym goers can perform even 15 reps in good form.

The good news is, there are two techniques you can utilize to transform you into a pull-up aficionado in double quick time.

So let's get down to it. For the first technique, you're going to focus your efforts on the lat pull-down and assisted pull-up machines. We're going to use these two machines to improve the strength of your lats and supporting muscle groups. 

For your lat pull-downs, take a wide grip and do 5 sets of 5 reps,  as heavy as you can with good form. 

Try to stick to a 2-1-2 tempo. That means 2 seconds to pull the bar down to your upper chest, a 1 second pause in the contracted position and 2 seconds to slowly release the bar back up. Make sure your back is arched during the entire exercise and focus hard on letting your lats do the work, not your biceps and rear delts.

For the assisted pull-ups, again do 5 sets of 5 reps  using the least amount of machine assistance as possible to complete the movement with good form.  

The second technique is performing sets of negative only reps. The optimal way to perform these is to get yourself into the top position of the pull up, (get a friend or a chair), then very slowly, halt your descent for as long as you can and lower yourself down under full control. 

Once you become adept at the negative only reps, try performing the same exercise with additional resistance. For example, hold a dumbbell either around your waist or between your feet, and again simply concentrate on a slow negative.

Practice these for a few weeks, and you'll suddenly find getting up into the full pull-up position gets easier and easier and your full range reps increase week on week. 

If you need some "beast-mode" energy to help you get a few more reps, then grab some Super Charge Extreme 4.0 from the Labrada store. In University testing it increased bench press stats by 70% and squat output by 110%!! Imagine what it will do for your pull-up numbers.

Hope that helps Steven.

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.