By Lee Labrada  
Today's Lean Body Coaching newsletter focusses on the often misunderstood hormone, testosterone. 
This week's guest author, Dr David Ryan, reviews the latest data, dispels the myths and shares the facts on testosterone.


Peppermint Mocha Chocolate!
By Johnathan Zamora | The FitChef.

Today's recipe might traditionally be considered winter fare. But blending the refreshing taste of peppermint with smooth, rich, creamy chocolate tastes so good, I can't think of a reason to wait until Christmas to break out this recipe.

Peppermint Mocha Chocolate doesn't just taste good either,  it's also good for you. In a recent study , researchers found that peppermint enhances memory and mental acuity.

As you might have expected by now, I've given the traditional recipe a Fit Chef makeover, beefing up the muscle building component with a serving of Labrada's ProV60 protein powder.

It now packs a whopping 38 grams of protein, with a meager 4 grams of fat. Enjoy!

Click Here For The Recipe & Cooking Instructions ...... 

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Whey Better Protein!
It's also excellent for dieters looking to bump up their protein intake without any unnecessary calories, because it's carbohydrate and sugar-free with virtually no fat.

Just two scoops delivers a whopping 50 grams of pure Whey Protein Isolate,  2 grams of fat, zero carbs, zero Lactose - zero sugar and just 220 calories. 
Whey protein provides a large variety of benefits in addition to purely adding more protein to your diet.
Whey contains branched chain amino acids to repair muscle tissue and prevent muscle breakdown.  It also contains cysteine and lactoferrin, which helps protect your body from free radicals and boosts your immune system.  

Whey also raises your body's natural levels of glutathione, this antioxidant is responsible for proper immune system function.

Whether you need to increase your dietary protein intake or you just want to look after your health, ISO Lean Pro fits the bill. 

By Lee Labrada

Today's "Ask Lee", comes from Leanne S. 
Hi, I am writing to you for your advice on whether eating late at night will cause cause me to gain more weight than eating more during the day. I am concerned as I work a late shift and often eat my dinner at 2am.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi Leanne, I can understand your concern, but you can rest assured, this is an old fitness myth, that really should be put to bed. I'll be happy to quash it once and for all.


The first thing to state, is that our bodies don't process food differently at any given time of day. In other words, calories consumed after 10pm won't make you gain weight any faster than calories consumed at 8pm. Research shows what matters, is how many calories you eat, not the time you eat them at.

Body fat accumulates when caloric intake exceeds caloric requirements. Put simply, you'll gain weight if you eat more calories than you expend, conversely, you'll lose weight if you eat less calories than you expend.

The reason people  find themselves gaining weight when eating at night is a classic case of what is known as correlation over causation. 

In other words, it's quite commonplace for people to think eating at night is the cause of their weight gain. They mistakenly correlate the time they ate their food with weight gain.  In actuality, it's simply that they ate too many calories and exceeded their caloric intake for the day. The time they ate the calories, is irrelevant.

Generally, you see this situation occur when people don't have a structured meal plan and eat far too little during the day. This, in turn, leads to feeling ravenous by evening time. Unfortunately, that's when  poor food choices and high calorie treats end up being consumed. 

That's why I'm a proponent of having a structured meal plan. It ensures you don't get hungry and binge eat. With a structured meal plan, spreading our meals out throughout the day, as in your case, you'll maintain stable blood sugar levels, removing cravings for high sugar, high calorie foods later on.

Get Organized &
Avoid Binge Eating.

Eating protein rich, nutritionally balanced meals throughout your "day" ensures you don't feel ravenous in the evening. Just eat every 3 hours.

If you're the kind of person who's on the move a lot, and ends up not eating at all throughout the day, it's quite common to overcompensate in the evening.

My advice is to simply prepare foods in advance, and carry them with you or  use convenient functional foods. Protein bars, and RTD's (Ready To Drink) products offer amazing taste, convenience and ensure you'll never go hungry away from home again. 

You'll be able to sustain a sane eating pattern with minimal preparation and late night high calorie cravings will be a thing of the past.

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.