Eve Dawes
By Lee Labrada

If your work requires constant travel, then you're all too familiar with the usual challenge faced by millions of fitness enthusiasts like you: "How do I eat healthy when I'm on the road?"

Of course, you have the choice of convenient functional food solutions. For example, meal replacements , ready to drink protein shakes and bars, can provide a huge advantage for keeping your nutrition plan on track.

However, if you're on the road for extended periods, you'll want to include lots of healthy whole food meals. If you need advice for eating away from the convenience of home, then our featured article is right up your street!

In today's Lean Body Coaching newsletter, Labrada athlete, fitness model and writer, Eve Dawes shares her tips and tricks for staying lean and healthy no matter where you are. 

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By Johnathan Zamora
Sweet Potato Hash Patties.


Today I'd like to share a quick and simple breakfast recipe the whole family will love. It's called Sweet Potato Hash Patties and it takes under 10 minutes to prepare, with just a handful of ingredients. 

Each serving contains a terrific tasting: 34g Carbohydrates, 5g Fiber; 24g Protein; 12g Fat

Note, If you're feeding these to the kids, reduce the portion size to one or two patties, depending on age. 

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Lean Body GOLD bars are outrageously delicious and available in Caramel Peanut, S'mores delight and Peanut Butter Jelly flavours.

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By Lee Labrada

Today's "Ask Lee", comes from Goran B. Goran Asks:


Hello, can you  explain one thing please. What is better for fat loss Raspberry Ketones or Ursolic acid. Is it safe to stack them together?

Thank you.


Goran . 

 Hi Goran, there's a synergy between the two products, and yes, you can take them both at the same time.In fact it's optimal to do so when dieting.

When you reduce caloric intake,  it's critical you don't lose lean muscle mass. People often neglect the importance of muscle preservation when dieting and focus all their efforts on fat loss. That's a big mistake.

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. It burns up to 4x as many calories to support itself as fat tissue.

When you're under a caloric restriction the last thing you want to do is lose muscle mass. It's counter productive because losing muscle tissue slows down your metabolism. With less muscle, you're  burning less calories at rest, making it even harder to lose the weight.

Raspberry Ketones stimulate fat loss and help to prevent fat storage, which is very desirable.The Ursolic Acid prevents muscle loss. It makes for a potent combination and customers share feedback that they have achieved superior results from stacking the products together.

Finally, you mentioned safety. Neither Raspberry Ketones or Ursolic Acid contain stimulants. Both are 100% natural products, with no side effects, other than fat loss, and can be stacked safely.

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.