Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #102 | April 6th 2013

By Lee Labrada
The focus of today's Lean Body Coaching Newsletter is all about keeping your hard earned muscle mass when dieting. 
Contrary to the advice offered up by many popular diet programs, cutting caloric intake to the bone, in order to speed up fat loss, is actually counter productive.
Not only will a very low caloric intake slow down your metabolism, making it even harder to lose body fat, you'll also end up losing as much muscle as you do fat in the process.
Muscle burns fat , even at rest. By losing muscle mass you restrict and slow your body's ability to burn more calories and therefore hinder your ability to lose fat. That's a big no no. 
So, the question becomes, how many calories should you eat when trying to lose fat?  

The exact amount of calories you need to adhere to for optimal fat loss is specific to each individual.  In today's article,  I'm going to share with you a tried and tested formula you can apply to ensure you constantly lose body fat, but not your hard earned muscle.


Today's Recipe : Quick No Fuss Italian Vege Wrap.
By Johnathan Zamora
Italian Vege Wrap

This instalment of no-fuss quick lunches is the Italian veggie roll-up. This easy to make muscle meal includes 5 super foods that will boost your health, increase fat loss and taste great!

Check out some of the super powers of the foods included in this week's recipe:

Chickpeas (Hummus)- The main ingredient found in Hummus, chickpeas are high in protein, low in cholesterol and saturated fat. 

Hummus is a great protein source for vegetarians and contains a healthy dose of fiber. Along with these benefits, chickpeas are effective in preventing cholesterol build-up and can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 


Today's "Ask Lee"  :  I'm 56, Am I suffering from Low Testosterone?

 By Lee Labrada

This weeks, "Ask Lee", comes from Ken S, Ken asks... 

Hello Lee, I'm 56 yrs old, I've been active in bodybuilding for 33 yrs, but lately, I've noticed a significant change in muscle tone and size. I've lost both.

I'm always tired and not as motivated as I used to be. I'm also more injury prone than before. I know it has to be related to Low-T. My question is, can hormone therapy lead to harmful side effects?
Thank you. 
 Hi Ken, testosterone does of course decrease as we age, although it's not a guarantee the issues you're experiencing are specifically down to low testosterone levels.
The only way to determine that for sure, is with a blood test.  I suggest you see your doctor, explain your symptoms,  and ask for a complete hormone panel.  

In the meantime, you should  look at a natural way of increasing your hormone levels by trying Humanogrowth.

With Humanogrowth, your testosterone and GH levels are naturally boosted, as are your muscle building and fat burning abilities. 

Meanwhile, your recovery time after workouts decreases, and it also reduces inflammation, which could reduce the gym injuries you mentioned above.

There's no side effects,  it's not a hormone, it's 100% natural, and has universally good feedback from our customers,  helping out with many of the symptoms you described.

You can find out more, read the studies etc, by clicking here.

I recommend watching the video. It explains in depth, why the product works so well. As you can see, the customer feedback is solid.

I hope that helps, Ken, check it out, and let me know your thoughts.   

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.