Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #101 | April 2nd 2013

By Lee Labrada

If you've been lacking a little motivation, this week's Lean Body Coaching newsletter is the perfect "pick me up". 

We're featuring the amazing transformation and success story of Nora Shams. Nora is a former U.S. Airborne Paratrooper who served in Iraq, then got way out of shape when she re-entered civilian life. Nora was 35 pounds overweight, living on her friend's sofa, depressed and lacking confidence.

Nora could have given up on herself. But, the Magna Cum Laude college graduate is used to conquering life's challenges. Nora decided that "enough was enough", and decided to whip herself back into shape. She did it so well, in fact,  that she's been enjoying top place finishes at bikini competitions all around the northeast United States.

Today,  she's a beacon of fitness. Beautiful, healthy, fit, and living life to the max. 

You can read Nora's heartfelt story, her road back to mental and physical health, along with the full diet and workout secrets she used to drop the weight and transform her life.

If you've been in need of some inspiration of late, read Nora's story-- you can't help but get inspired!



Today's Recipe : Hi-Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies.
By Johnathan Zamora

Vegetarian Lasagne.

Can anything be as mouthwatering as fresh baked lasagna coming out of the oven? This usual comfort food is the last thing that you'd think as fitness food but today's recipe is about to change all that.

This week, the traditional calorie and fat heavy lasagna gets a Fit Chef makeover and I proudly present Vegetarian Lasagna. 

This pasta-free recipe is perfect for those cold winter nights and makes an amazingly delicious alternative to traditional comfort food. 


Today's "Ask Lee"  :  I'm 48, How Can I Get My Body Back

By Lee Labrada

This weeks, "Ask Lee", comes from David H, David Asks .. 

Hi Lee, I'm very interested in getting back into shape.
It's been many years since I retired from the marine corps after a career ending accident.
I used to have body I was kinda proud of,  and now, I'm just embarrassed by it. 
I'm 48 years old, its hard to get the energy to actually workout, besides going for a few miles walk.  I don't know anything about supplements or diet really.  I'm as much a beginner as you've ever seen.
But, I need help. I'm tired of being embarrassed at having this belly and my arms are so scrawny right now. 
Can, you give me ideas or some kinda plan can start out with to get back on right track? Please help a Marine out? Thank you!!
 Hi David, yes, of course we can help you out!!  I'm happy to get you started on a workout routine and answer any questions you have about supplements or diet.  


First and foremost, I would like to THANK YOU for your service!  You have served us, so allow me to humbly return the favor and help you get back on track!

Your goal is to gain some muscle tissue and lose some bodyfat. So, here's what I recommend.

This is a basic, yet result producing nutrition and training program. To get started, first, multiply your current body weight times x 13, this will give you your total caloric intake for the day. So for example , if you weigh 200lbs, you would be eating around 2,600 calories a day for fat loss.  

Please note, everybody is different, and you need to monitor your weight loss. If you're not losing around 1-2lbs of fat a week, you may need to re-calculate your calories at say 12 x bodyweight until the scale starts to move in the right direction.

Next, divide those calories into 6 meals daily (You'll be eating about every 3 hours).

Make sure you're selecting the most nutritious, healthy foods you can. Your macro nutrient split, should be around 50-60% calories from complex carbohydrates, 30-40% from protein, and 10-20% from healthy fats. As long a you stay within those figures, your body will be in the right place hormonally to encourage fat burning. 

When you go shopping, try to eat from the perimeter of the grocery store (not cans and boxes, other than oatmeal and rice).  Here is a sample day:

Sample Daily Diet:

  • 1 cup, oatmeal, egg beaters or egg whites omelet with veggies
  • Non-fat greek yogurt with berries, 10 almonds
  • Tuna salad sandwich (lowfat mayo) on ezekiel break, apple 
  • Lean Body Gold Protein Bar. 
  • Chicken breast, yam and green veggies or salad

The above is just an example, you should keep your diet varied and interesting.
Below, is a list of foods you can choose from: 



Include 3-4 oz in every meal.

* egg whites or beaters.

chicken breast, turkey breast or lean ground

* fish, scallops, shrimp, tuna
* ff cottage cheese, low fat yogurts
* protein shakes ( lean body)



 (Have a small amount in every meal about the size of your fist)
* oatmeal, whole grain bread (ezekiel)
* cream of wheat, cream of rice, grits
* brown rice, wild rice,
* new potato, sweet potato, yam,
* black beans, lentils
* corn, peas, corn tortilla
* whole grain pasta (barilla)
* rice cakes


* flaxseed or oil olive oil
* salmon, sardines
* walnuts, almonds, other raw nuts or seeds
* avocado
* olives

Veggies are Free Food!
(Eat whenever and plenty of them)
* lettuce
* leafy greens
* spinach
* broccoli
* cauliflower
* green beans
* carrots
* asparagus
* artichokes,
* peppers
* tomoatoes
* cabbage
* zuccini
* cucumber
* sqash
* onions
* green onion
* mushroom

The following are laden with unhealthy additives and are for the most part nutritionally devoid of goodness.

* luncheon meats
* red meat
* pork
* cheese
* butter
* marg
* egg yolks
* sour cream
* salad dressings
* fris
* chips
* ice cream
* mayo
* candy

Adjust your calories every few weeks to match your weight loss. In other words, as your weight drops, ensure you re-calculate your total daily calories to match. Meanwhile, ensure your weight training is consistent . The more muscle mass you have, the quicker your metabolism gets and the more calories you burn at rest.

A great routine, which will work well as both a fat burner and lean mass activator , would be the three day on, one day off split. With this system of training, you train chest, shoulders and triceps the first day, back and biceps the second day and legs the third day. 

This is then followed by one day of total rest, before resuming the training cycle again. This system allows you to recuperate completely between each body part, therefore reducing the likelihood of overtraining and general fatigue which can play a part when you're in a caloric deficit.

Start with 3 sets of three exercises to fatigue (that means choosing a weight that is light enough to do the set amount of reps with proper form, but heavy enough to make the last 1-2 reps almost difficult to accomplish) per body part. So for example, for chest, do 3 sets of dumbbell bench presses, 3 sets of dumbbell flys and 3 sets of incline bench presses. 

Variety is important for muscular growth. Be sure to switch in and out different exercises so that your muscles don't adapt to the same exercise and quit responding. 

End each weight training session, which should last about 40 mins, with 20 mins of cardio. 

In regards supplements, for  energy, appetite suppressant and fat burning, I would add the Lean Body Fat Burner.

If you just need a boost before you go to the gym, use Supercharge Xtreme pre-workout drink 15 minutes before your training session. I recommend always finishing a workout with a protein shake as well. This helps repair your body after the demands heavy resistance training places on it and allows you to recover and grow.

If you're struggeling to consume all 30-40% of your allotted protein calories from solid foods, I recommend trying Lean Pro8 or ProV60 between meals. They taste great and it's easy to get in an extra 50-100 grams of protein that way.

If you're liable to be away from home, or work, either take your food with you in tupperware or keep a stash of Lean Body Gold protein bars, handy. Don't put yourself in a position where you're trying to find something healthy from a service station. Be prepared in advance.

I hope this answers your question and gets you on the right track. .Please keep in touch and let us know your progress and if you have further questions.  

You can also check out our "Goals" section on the website, there's a huge amount of free information to help you out , you can find it here.

Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.