Lean Body Coaching Newsletter | Issue #100 | March 30th 2013

By Lee Labrada
FAT LOSS! That's what we are going to focus on in this week's Lean Body Coaching newsletter. If you have stubborn body fat you can't get rid of, this is for you! Fitness scientist Dr. Chris Mohr and I will be revealing not one, but SEVEN advanced fat loss tactics that you can start using immediately to get lean and turn heads!

Knowing the right things to do when it comes your nutrition and training will help you start winning the war on fat and will keep your progress from sliding back... LET'S GET TO IT!
Today's Recipe : Hi-Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies.
By Johnathan Zamora

Hi-Protein Chocolate Cookies
Who fancies a  physique-friendly high protein cookie recipe that satisfies your sweet tooth?

Delightfully simple to make, this recipe is perfect for sharing at the office or to bring to a holiday party. 

I suggest storing these cookies in an airtight container as this will extend the shelf-life while preserving freshness.  

Today's "Ask Lee"  :  Carb Cycling and Protein Sources Explained.


By Lee Labrada

This weeks, "Ask Lee", comes from Adnan H. Adnan asks .. 

 Hello, hope you are fine. I want to ask two questions regarding nutrition. 
1) I usually have an animal source of protein, chicken breast in my lunch and dinner. But for the last few days, I've been unable to manage cooking because I've been short of time.
Can I switch to dairy protein sources for few months until I get back to my normal routine?
I intend to add egg whites omelete and fat free yogurt in my meals. Do you think it would be a wise idea? 
2) Please tell me the benefits of carb cycling?
Thanks for your time. 
Best Regards
 Hi Adnan,  yes, non-fat Greek yogurt and non-fat cottage cheese are both good sources of protein.
Egg whites are the highest quality protein of the three and are an excellent choice. Tuna is a great source as well, and you do not have to cook it so I recommend adding that.

Regarding carb cycling, this is usually done when someone is dieting and trying to lose body fat and retain muscle tissue. 

A good zigzag method would be 2 days of carbs, then 2 days low carbs. Low carbs means choosing carb sources from veggies.

You would not add a complex carb such a potato, rice, bread, pasta, yam, oatmeal etc. 

Complex carbs provide your body with long term energy, whereas the simple carbs and the fibrous carbs from veggies are for short term energy. 

I don't recommend going more than two days on a very low carb diet. Usually by the 3rd day of carb depletion, people tend to get get forgetful and tired. When you're tired, you can't train as hard, this is counter productive. 

I hope this helps you decide how to put together your food plan.   
Until next time,  stay healthy and strong. 
Get lean, live lean!

Yours for a Lean Body,


Lee Labrada,

Founder & CEO Of Labrada Nutrition.