Issue #84| August 17th  2015
Improving your recovery, nutrition, and strength will help you cover more distance, more often with less stress on your body.  Read on to improve your overall running performance.

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By Christina Moreland

Nicole is a great example of why you should never focus solely on the scale! Nicole went from 21-17% body fat and gained pounds!  She is now leaner and even more toned than before!

"As the mother to 3 teenage daughters and a young son, I realized every day I still teach them through my own example. This time I was showing them how to do it the right way. They are seeing that I'm learning to love my body and myself, and that I am becoming healthy and strong by my own deliberate choice. I have finally admitted to myself that all of my bad habits were just excuses not to get healthy the right way. I never learned to eat right, train hard and be consistent... until the Lean Body Challenge."

Nicole found it difficult at first to get into her groove and establish a routine that worked for her busy schedule. "Quite a few times I wondered if I should just quit, but something inside told me not to give up this time. Once I started seeing real changes in my body and my energy levels, I started looking for ways to continue, instead of looking for reasons to quit."

"Labrada products were so important to my success during the Lean Body Challenge."
Nicole enjoyed the Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her chocolate protein. "For a treat, I also love to mix in some dark chocolate chips and a splash of coffee. It's better than anything on the Starbucks menu!" She has also started using GlutaLean and BCAAs to help with recovery from her workouts!

Congratulations on your success, Nicole! You are an inspiration!