Issue #8 | May 3rd 2014
Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 

In this week's edition, Brooke Halyn's feature article explains the importance of mixing up your workout routine and also shows us how to do it.  I believe this is key in staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and to move forward with your goals.

No "Ask Jamie" this week, sorry, I'm working on some new ones right now. Instead check out Sharon Schramm's amazing transformation story. Yes! The same Sharon who pens our awesome comic strips.

This week's recipe looks delicious, especially if you love avocados like I do!  Moderate amounts of healthy fats in your diet actually aid in weight loss.

Sharon's back with another funny comic strip! This week's gives me a chuckle about her trip to Texas when she met Lee and Kelsey... too funny!

Until Next Week... Rise & Shine!


In our feature article, Brooke Halyn mixes it up with tips for keeping your workouts fresh and fun for the spring time.

Sharon dropped 29 pounds and 19% body fat on her way to winning the
2013 Lean Body for Her Challenge! Read more on how she did it!