Issue #73| August 2nd 2015

You may be very diligent about working out regularly and eating clean, but are you still left wondering why you are not getting the amazing results you so desperately seek? Sleep, or rather, lack thereof, could be the culprit that has you "spinning your wheels" in the gym (and not the same as in Spin Class!) Read on to learn some of the ways sleep-deprivation can truly put a damper on your gains and overall health.

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By Cecile Bayeul
There are so many beautiful and fit women all over the world, and it is no surprising that many of you follow these women for motivation and inspiration. Find out what it takes.

By Sheiryll Ray

Micaela Hicken (McKinney, TX) found herself in a position that we've all been in before. The dreaded "plateau." She needed something that would challenge her and hold her accountable.

Along with her supportive husband, the Lean Body Challenge gave her just the right amount of motivation and courage to step out of her comfort zone! Even while going through emotional, personal obstacles, Micaela never gave up and went from 27.6% to 21.4% body fat!

"I'll admit, there were times I wanted to quit, but I didn't. I lost my father through this process and exercising has helped curtail that sadness. The fact that I NEVER missed a day of exercise and ate healthy makes me a winner. I'm not stopping and I look forward to what my body will look like over the next 3 months.

The biggest obstacle when entering the challenge will be telling yourself you can't or it's impossible to have a body like any of the past winners or trainers. There was a point during the challenge I felt I wasn't making progress, but I didn't stop. At the end, I was pleased and proud of what I accomplished.  This has now become a lifestyle for me."   Congratulations Micaela!