Issue #7 | April  26th 2014
Welcome to the  Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 

In this week's edition, Eve Dawes' feature article explains the top five benefits of performing Yoga on a regular basis.  This is a great article, especially for those of you who want to try new methods of training like I do. 

My very own "Ask Jamie" video focuses on how to deal with unsupportive individuals in your life.

Kelsey Byers touches on a popular topic, cheat meals.

Check out this week's delicious recipe for a lean and green meal replacement smoothie!  This refreshing shake will come in handy when the weather starts warming up.

Sharon's back with more fun comic strips, finding humor in the process of weight loss! Don't get discouraged if you haven't quite seen the results you are after, just stay consistent.  


In our feature article, Eve Dawes gives you the top five benefits of making Yoga part of your exercise routine. 


In this quick video, Jamie shares some valuable experience on how to deal with unsupportive individuals.


Have You Had Your Teeth Cleaned Lately? 
By Kelsey Byers

Have you had your teeth cleaned lately?  Believe it or not, your oral health has a direct effect on your overall health.  Studies show that gum disease has been linked to diabetes and low blood sugar.  
Both of these conditions are serious and can certainly interfere with the activities of a fitness enthusiast.  Now you have another reason to avoid those sugary snacks.  For optimal oral health, make sure to floss your teeth on a regular basis and visit your dentist every six months.  
Maintaining good oral hygiene allows you to treat your body well so you can live a long and healthy life.