Issue #6 | April  19th 2014
Welcome to the  Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 

In this week's edition, the feature article discusses my approach to promoting a healthy lifestyle and addressing it with those that are not so receptive to a new lifestyle change or even the success of others doing it.  This subject is one very close to my heart and I have found that many fit-minded individuals struggle with this at one point or another.  

My very own "Ask Jamie" video asks how close are professional models to their lean and toned pictures on a day-to-day basis? Is it healthy or even possible to be that lean all the time?  

Kelsey Byers touches on the subject of gym fashion and her favorite brands of workout clothes.

If you're looking for a quick lunch idea or appetizer recipe, Eve's Turkey Lettuce Wraps are the perfect fit! Sharon's back with more fun comic strips, finding humor in the process of weight loss! Don't get discouraged if you haven't quite seen the results you are after, just stay consistent.   

In our feature article, Jamie Eason discusses the importance of not pressuring others to adopt your healthy lifestyle, simply offer tips when approached for help. 

In this quick video, Jamie reveals how models get into photo shoot condition without staying in peak condition all year round.

Our Lean Body for Her Challenge is underway and will officially end in May. 
Due to high demand, your Lean Body for Her team has decided to host another challenge this summer!  Stay tuned for more details.  The tentative start date is in July.

In further news, watch the Labrada website for new products coming out in May!  

We have a new protein powder coming your way and cannot wait to get your feedback.



We asked a few of our Lean Body for Her ladies what their favorite supplements are! 

Check out their answers and how they fit supplements into their daily routine.  

Kelsey Byers:  My absolute favorite supplement right now is Jamie's Lean Body for Her Natural Vanilla protein shake. 

I love to blend it with water after a workout.  I also use it in baking protein bars.  The shake is the perfect snack three hours after dinner when I want something a little sweet.  It curves my cravings!   



Lauren Frahn:  My go-to supplement is Labrada's HICA-MAX.   Or, as I call them, my "Super-Smarties" muscle "candy." I stay lean year-round and I find that HICA-MAX does an amazing job at helping me to hold on to the muscle that I work so hard for. 

Plus, it helps my muscles to recover faster with a lot less soreness! I take HICA-MAX post-workout and right before bed.  


Eve Dawes:  I love the Labrada Glutalean and take it immediately after my workouts and just before bed to help build and maintain lean muscle and support my immune system.

I like that it mixes easily with water and is flavorless. 



Brooke Halyn: My favorite Labrada supplements are Garcinia Cambogia and Tart Cherry.   

I take Garcinia Cambogia every day with meals one through four. I love it because it is an all-natural fat burner and really does work!   I've always had a hard time falling asleep and Tart Cherry is a supplement that promotes a relaxed state which helps calm my mind and helps me fall asleep. 


Christina Moreland:  One of my supplements of choice is the Lean Body for Her krill oil capsules from the Jamie Eason signature line. 

I take these in the morning with my vitamins while I'm having breakfast with my kids. I love knowing they are pure grade krill capsules and I'm also getting in Vitamin D and Vitamin E. 

A Note on Gym Fashion 
By Kelsey Byers

Many people ask me where I buy my cute gym clothes. 
There is not one particular brand I prefer. 
I love the way Lululemon pants fit, but they are a little pricey.  I tend to reward myself with an outfit there once I have met a goal.  
My typical gym clothes are from Marshall's, Old Navy and Target.  If they are cute and fit well, that's all that matters.  
When I was pregnant, I shopped for workout tights at Walmart because their No Boundaries brand has a thick waist band that supported my belly. 
Sometimes a new workout outfit can boost your motivation.  Give it a try.