Issue #59 |25th April 2015

Many people ask me if they should push through and work out when sick. Sometimes, you can be doing more harm than good, prolonging your illness. Read this week's article on the importance of taking care of your body when you're sick.

This week's Lean Body for Her kitchen recipe is great if you're craving a burger! It puts a healthy spin on this family favorite.

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Rise and Shine! 


Pushing your body to the limits in fitness is one thing, but you need to know when to rest. When illness strikes and you aren't feeling your strongest, it's wise to take some time to let your body recover. 

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Check out @jihan305 on Instagram! "Let's hit the gym but before pre and post-workout stack! Showing some love to Labrada, the most trusted name in sports nutrition. The most delicious protein shake ever and I love the Power Carb. Thanks to Lee Labrada- he is such an inspiration."