Issue #55 |28th  March 2015

Do you struggle with binge eating or know someone who does? Sometimes binge eating can be a sign you are not eating enough throughout your day. Check out this week's feature article on tips to avoid over-eating.

This week's Lean Body for Her kitchen recipe is a low-carb burger option that is light on the stomach and easy on your taste buds.

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Does binge eating hinder your results? Check out these simple tips to avoid binge eating.

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Straight up post workout getting my protein shake in because that's what matters!

It's hard to find a protein powder that contains natural ingredients and also tastes great but I have to tell you that I love Jamie Eason's Lean Body for Her natural whey protein powder by Labrada Nutrition! 

I tried the chocolate initially and I loved it, then I tried the vanilla another day and I loved that as well! Aside from the fact that this protein powder uses natural ingredients, I love that they're not super sweet like most protein powders on the market, the vanilla is perfect, it's delicious and didn't disappoint me!