Issue #45| 24th January 2015

Many women struggle with body confidence, especially where stretch marks and scars are concerned. Coral's feature article is an inspiring story of courage and learned-confidence that every woman should read.

This week's Lean Body for Her kitchen recipe offers a healthy and delicious meal, perfect for families on a budget. The portions are perfect for single servings.

This week's protein treat recipe is simple and delicious! If you love pumpkin like I do, you'll love this recipe.

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Rise and Shine!

Are you self-conscious about your pregnancy stretch marks or even a childhood scar? Be confident in your own skin. Those scars make you unique and should not hold you back from accomplishing your fitness goals. Read Coral's article for inspiration. 

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Are you struggling to balance your family life and fitness? Get started today with these simple steps.  
By Lauren Felton

When you buy organic you are investing in your health, the environment and supporting smaller farming communities. 
By Eve Dawes

Thank you to @fitsussie on Instagram for sharing this picture: "Cheers to 2015! Starting off my year with an iced coffee protein smoothie using Lean Body for Her chocolate protein! I finally got a chance to try this protein & I'm already in love with it! Great tasting & no junk added!

Smoothie: 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup Starbucks iced coffee, 1 scoop of Lean Body for Her chocolate whey, ice, blend that baby & voilĂ !"

y for Her chocolate whey, ice, blend that baby & voilĂ !"


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